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At the heart of every effective grass roots campaign are the little things that we do with our friends, neighbors and acquaintances that add up to big benefit when multiplied across the campaign.  My contribution today was a letter that I mailed to the 89 homes in our neighborhood with at least one registered voter.  When I was first doing door to door polling in the earlier days of the campaign I was struck by how many people new little or nothing about Prop 8.  I determined at that point invite my neighbors over to an open house so that we could discuss this important issue.  Of course good intentions didn’t get the job done and sheer number of neighbors overwhelmed my good idea.  Instead I sent a letter to each neighbor and tried to explained why Yes on 8 was so important.  In the end the timing is pretty good I think.  My letter should arrive Friday and should still be relatively fresh on Tuesday.  I know my eighty-nine homes is a drop in the bucket required to pass Prop 8, but it’s my eighty-nine neighbors and that’s what makes grass root efforts work. 

Attached is my letter for those of you who are curious here.


As many of you know, the California Teachers Associate dumped one million dollars into the No on 8 campaign.  In protest my children (one in middle school, one in elementary school) are absent from school today (October 21).  I of course debated the merit and effectiveness of this protest.  It doesn’t directly impact the CTA, but it’s the only way we can exhibit our disapproval of the action.  We had  a wonderful discussion at home about unions and how they sometimes don’t represent the will of their members.  If you’ve joined in this protest today please add a comment.  We don’t mind standing alone, but it’s more fun with friends.


Edit: Thanks for all of the posts thus far.  Please see beetlebabee’s blog for additional post on the CTA Protest (  Incidentially we did get a call from our principle asking how many days our daughter would be out.  Only one we informed her.  My son also got a supportive email from one of his teachers which was nice. 


P.S.  Only positive comments will be allowed on this post.  I’m not looking for an argument regarding our choice and don’t care is this case to debate it.

Mamapro at the Mom for Marriage blog ( reprinted a list of talking points from Scott Loveless, the Acting Managing Director of the World Family Policy Center at the J. Reuben Clark Law school, BYU.  See the list here.  All of the talking points are insightful and effective, but my favorite is #13 – it doesn’t end with redefining marriage.  I know it sounds alarmist to list all of the bad things that might happen if Prop 8 fails, but the reality this that many if not all of the bad things will happen based on the historical record we have before us.  It is sadly true that those that do not learn from history will repeat it.

Heather over at posted a great link to an article from 2004 – right after the Massachusetts court decision.  Look for her post entitled From the Other Side where she links to commentary from Al Rantel.  Excellent perspective from the other side.

So lots to write about today.  Just a quick note to recommend a new video on YouTube.  By far the best representation of the Pro Prop 8 supporters I know.  If the link above doesn’t work please go to

So I’ve been looking forward to the arrival of the Yes on 8 yard signs for some time.  I remember fondly the days as a youth placing yard signs for my dad as he ran for city council.  You would drive down any street in our city and see yard after yard proclaiming allegiance to one candidate or another.  I looked forward to that feeling again as I drove down my street with my yard sign in the car.  But as I looked at my neighborhood I realized that I would be the first to take a position, via the grass pulpit anyway.   And maybe I would be the *only* one to so boldly proclaim my allegiance to Prop 8.  I have to admit, with a smidgen of shame, that I paused and thought that maybe the sign would stay in the car.  At this point I’ve already campaigned for Prop 8 in a variety of ways – walking precincts, raising money, talking to friends and colleagues – but this felt a little different.  My previous encounters were fairly anonymous.  Now I was placing a large sign, literally, on my home, on my family, for all to see – we supported Prop 8.  Of course the pause was just that – a pause – and the sign found a nice place on our front lawn.  We’re still the only one on the block, but now our neighbors know that we stand for family.  The family that God designed.  The family that as been the bedrock of civilization for millenia.  The family the way is has to be.