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So I’ve been looking forward to the arrival of the Yes on 8 yard signs for some time.  I remember fondly the days as a youth placing yard signs for my dad as he ran for city council.  You would drive down any street in our city and see yard after yard proclaiming allegiance to one candidate or another.  I looked forward to that feeling again as I drove down my street with my yard sign in the car.  But as I looked at my neighborhood I realized that I would be the first to take a position, via the grass pulpit anyway.   And maybe I would be the *only* one to so boldly proclaim my allegiance to Prop 8.  I have to admit, with a smidgen of shame, that I paused and thought that maybe the sign would stay in the car.  At this point I’ve already campaigned for Prop 8 in a variety of ways – walking precincts, raising money, talking to friends and colleagues – but this felt a little different.  My previous encounters were fairly anonymous.  Now I was placing a large sign, literally, on my home, on my family, for all to see – we supported Prop 8.  Of course the pause was just that – a pause – and the sign found a nice place on our front lawn.  We’re still the only one on the block, but now our neighbors know that we stand for family.  The family that God designed.  The family that as been the bedrock of civilization for millenia.  The family the way is has to be.


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    • beetlebabee
    • Posted October 14, 2008 at 2:05 am
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    Congratulations on joining the effort with both feet! I’ve had to go through much the same transition, though for me, it was a trial by fire as my best friend was tapped as zipcode supervisor. Voila, I was an instant sidekick. Talking to people face to face has never been a strong point for me, but writing, now that’s something else. I can write about anything any day easier than talking face to face…

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