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Like many that were active during the election campaign last fall I expected to retire from public comment after the election was over.  At least until 2010.  But I guess not.  The onslaught on the family has continued with increased vitriol and the untruths continue to spew forth.  So I’m back with more opinion, newsworthy articles and such.  The fact is that every repudable social scientist now recognizes the importance that prosperous, reproductive families have in society.  For us to undermine in any way the value our society places on this unit is tatamount to slow societal suicide.  Rights are rights.  And as a people we have to respect the individual rights of all those we come in contact with.  But rights also have a situational priority.  We squash the free speech rights of the pornographer by not allowing their product in our schools.  We trample the free expressing and association rights of the smoker by making them go outside.  And if society is wise, they will curtail the rights of individuals if they threaten the prosperity of the family.  More posts on these topics and others will follow.  As always, let me know what you think.


At the heart of every effective grass roots campaign are the little things that we do with our friends, neighbors and acquaintances that add up to big benefit when multiplied across the campaign.  My contribution today was a letter that I mailed to the 89 homes in our neighborhood with at least one registered voter.  When I was first doing door to door polling in the earlier days of the campaign I was struck by how many people new little or nothing about Prop 8.  I determined at that point invite my neighbors over to an open house so that we could discuss this important issue.  Of course good intentions didn’t get the job done and sheer number of neighbors overwhelmed my good idea.  Instead I sent a letter to each neighbor and tried to explained why Yes on 8 was so important.  In the end the timing is pretty good I think.  My letter should arrive Friday and should still be relatively fresh on Tuesday.  I know my eighty-nine homes is a drop in the bucket required to pass Prop 8, but it’s my eighty-nine neighbors and that’s what makes grass root efforts work. 

Attached is my letter for those of you who are curious here.