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So my wife was out with some others tonight waving Yes on 8 signs at intersections with other supporters and what was the reaction?  Some supportive, some nothing and others thought the best way to voice thier opposition was to shout obscenities.  It’s probably good that I wasn’t there.  But to shout obscenities at women?  This is not the country our founding fathers would want or be proud of.  Vigorous debate – Yes.  Conflicting ideal – Absolutely.  Vulgar swear words – really?


I think that many who support Proposition 8 in California shy away from the outright religious justification for defending marriage.  It is not always a common language that we share with our peers and sometimes more secular arguments are more effective.  But for those of us that share a common religious base we must not forget that God designed this world in a way that would help us grow and be happy.  That design obviously includes marriage between a man and a woman (where else could we grow and be happy at the same time :-).  See a humorous take on our first parents that drives this point home in a wonderful way.  Enjoy.

Welcome to my blog.  Some people that know me will be rolling their eyes right about now and wondering what in the world I could have to contribute to the blogosphere.  Maybe not much.  But as the world has shifted from stone tablets to paper and now bits and bytes, this is the best medium for expressing my view point on things that I deem important.  So here you’ll find a variety of topics from technical (I’m a computer guy) to religious (I’m LDS) to political (I’m pretty conservative).  Have a gander.  Post a comment.  Keep if clean (if you can).  Feel free to share your thoughts on my thoughts.  I’m sure I’ll have something to say back.