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As many of you know, the California Teachers Associate dumped one million dollars into the No on 8 campaign.  In protest my children (one in middle school, one in elementary school) are absent from school today (October 21).  I of course debated the merit and effectiveness of this protest.  It doesn’t directly impact the CTA, but it’s the only way we can exhibit our disapproval of the action.  We had  a wonderful discussion at home about unions and how they sometimes don’t represent the will of their members.  If you’ve joined in this protest today please add a comment.  We don’t mind standing alone, but it’s more fun with friends.


Edit: Thanks for all of the posts thus far.  Please see beetlebabee’s blog for additional post on the CTA Protest (  Incidentially we did get a call from our principle asking how many days our daughter would be out.  Only one we informed her.  My son also got a supportive email from one of his teachers which was nice. 


P.S.  Only positive comments will be allowed on this post.  I’m not looking for an argument regarding our choice and don’t care is this case to debate it.