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So lots to write about today.  Just a quick note to recommend a new video on YouTube.  By far the best representation of the Pro Prop 8 supporters I know.  If the link above doesn’t work please go to



  1. Thanks for the blog. Your comments are very thoughtful and much needed!! I think a peaceful, respectful sharing of information is crucial because it helps everybody on both sides to see the issues clearly.

    I feel sorry for same-sex couples because same-sex mar-riage proponents have been duped…they think they are fighting for equality or love but that is not true and here’s why…

    It seems that prop. 8 isn’t really about love.

    Prop. 8 is about freedom for ALL Americans.
    Some of the biggest pushers on prop. 8 do not care about same-sex relationships, they care about their agenda to hijack our freedoms, including those of same-sex couples.

    If prop. 8 fails it will hurt the freedoms of you, me, AND same-sex couples.

    Yes! Prop. 8 is a vote for freedom. There is a better way we can all live together in peace rather than demand freedoms be surrendered.

    Check it out for yourself instead of opinions we need more facts:,, and

    • Marc T
    • Posted October 17, 2008 at 4:28 pm
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    Thanks for the link to the Proposition 8 video on Ytube. It does a great job of portraying the issue in a clear way. As we get toward the final weeks of this campaign and emotions tend to get high it is even more important to have a respectful dialog on the real issues and facts. Keep up the good fight to pass Proposition 8.

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