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As I’ve become more familiar with the worldwide societal changes to family that are taking place I can’t help but wonder if the No on Prop 8 folks have the wrong message.  If they are honest about their end goals – complete acceptance of any alternative family arrangement – anything goes – then they would recognize that by the time gay marriage is allowed it is too late to turn back.  Does the fact that we now allow same-sex marriage mean that we’ve already dimished the value of family beyond repair?  Those of us that are LDS had what we consider a prophetic declaration regarding the sanctity of the Family and it’s divine structural requirements in 1995.  Timely enough to probably save the families in the Netherlands.  I suppose I’ve been mistaken in think that the Proclamation was simply prophetic as predicting the times we live in now.  I’m now wondering if there was action that we should have taken in 1995 to prevent the perilous spot we are in now. 

Having said all that, we are Americans.  We are not Europeans.  Our will (the peoples) has not been heard since the Judiciary voided our voice.  I believe it is not to late for us yet.  Vote Yes on 8 and prove that we are captains of our our destiny.


Found a fabulous article from 2004 that looked at the decline of the family in the Netherlands.  The legalization of same-sex marriage was just a stepping stone on the path, but it doesn’t sound like a path we in California should be on.  The fact that we even have to correct our course today is a frightening sign post of where we are already.  Read the article at

I’m fairly sensitive to exaggerations, half truths and outright lies that are told as part of any campaign, especially when they are on the same side as me.  I try to do sufficient research, to read the stories and check out the facts before taking a position.  So today’s post is the outright lies told by the No on 8 Campaign. 

Lie: Yes on 8 is sponsored and financed by big out of state interest groups.

Fact:  The No on 8 campaign has received a full 37% of its money from donors out of state compared to a measly 20.1% for the Yes on 8 campaign.

SourceLA Times Money Tracker (10/16/08)


Lie:  Failure of Prop 8 will not lead to the forced expansion of the gay agenda, including the attempts to limit religious freedom.

Fact:  The backers of No on 8 have used every legal maneuver they could in Massachusetts to prevent parental consent in schools and limit the opportunities for religious group to operate unmolested.

Source: Massachusetts Court Records


Lie: No on 8 will not lead to a slippery slope of marriage arrangements

Fact: The Netherlands , the first country to legalize homosexual marriage, allows multipartner unions (polygamy).

Source: The Brussels Journal


Lie: No on 8 is about Love

Fact: No on 8 is about social acceptance of a damaging shift in family relationship and the promotion of homosexual freedoms at the cost of religious freedoms.

Source: New York Times


The Bible famously states that “By their fruit you shall know them.”  I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise that those that hate religion would break the eighth commandment – “Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” 


** Thanks to an article on  for providing some of these glaring falsehoods.