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Found a fabulous article from 2004 that looked at the decline of the family in the Netherlands.  The legalization of same-sex marriage was just a stepping stone on the path, but it doesn’t sound like a path we in California should be on.  The fact that we even have to correct our course today is a frightening sign post of where we are already.  Read the article at



  1. Either I am a raving, angry, lunatic activist who is insane enough to be UN-ashamed and UN-apologetic as I demand civil marriage equality – OR – I am a man who simply knows I deserve equality.

    I AM equal. I know it. And I, along with many others, have decided to withhold all federal taxes until we have equality.

    Be adults. I cannot hold all of your hands as you grapple with your phobias, fears, and obsessions. We exist. Deal.

    • Marc T
    • Posted October 21, 2008 at 2:12 pm
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    Proposition 8 is not about equality. I agree with you 100% that you deserve equity. I just don’t believe that you must destroy traditional marriage to achieve it. It is a falsehood that you can have two definitions of marriage that exist side-by-side. I believe it is the goal of most opponents of Proposition 8 to destroy the traditional family and replace it with anything-goes marriage. That is the clear progression in other places where gay marriage has been allowed. That was the point of the article that Jon T referreed to in his original comment.

    • Dan
    • Posted October 22, 2008 at 11:17 pm
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    Withold your taxes? That sounds like a tantrum.

  2. Does Proposition 8 take existing rights away from same-sex couples?

    No. All the rights gay couples have in current civil unions will still be in force.

    What is Prop 8? Check out for Articles, Research, and Viewpoints

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